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[Mastermind!Randy,Spencer,Norman + Bill Cipher]


“Is this really necessary?” Randy muttered. Walking across the control room in boredom of being requested yet another tiresome task.Bill sighs and sits up from the nearby desk.

“Of course it is.” he points his cane towards Randy’s face.

“Just because you work for me you doesn’t mean you can run off as you please.”

Randy crosses his arms staring anywhere else but Bill trying to avoid continuing the conversation.

“Oh come on Randy, it beats being the one to check the footage clips.” Spencer announces down the hall before entering.

“I thought you liked doing that.”

“Oh right, never mind that’s actually entertaining.” Both Bill and Spencer give off amusing chuckles.

“Anyways, you better be off to do that task or else I’ll smother you with that rag on your neck when you don’t expect it.”

Randy gives off a death glare to Bill before walking out in irritation. You don’t diss the scarf, never.




“I’m guessing you’re the guy.”


Man this guy is just loving the silent atmosphere, it’s actually kinda creepy.

Norman, Norman Babcock is what the file said. You can’t believe Bill sent you off to just escort somebody, not the most preferable thing to be sent to do.

“Still not talking?”


Sigh. Might of as well get this over with. Tilting your head to the side slightly in signal to follow you he complies and goes.

Walking through the pitch black corridors of the secret underground tunnels was a piece of cake due to your Ninja training. Not so sure about the other guy…

“You aren’t afraid of the dark, right?”

“Not at all, it’s more soothing this way.”

“Ah that’s nice to heawAIT YOU TALK!”  Your voice suddenly booms in echos across the tunnels.

“Randy you’re too loud, you’re practically screaming into my ears.”

“Who cares, it’s only us in here.”

“Is that so?”

The guys is definitely giving you a weird vibe even now. You decide to shake it off just a little and continue walking. Minutes pass before a small fact returns to your mind.

“How do you know my name? Did he tell you it?”

“Not at all, it’s just a lucky guess you can say. Guess I was correct about that.”

“If you say so..”


Half tempted to question Norman at will but held it off. After all if you do that then this job would take longer than needed. The control room should be close enough as it is, walking takes an eternity in here.




“Randy, Randy Cunningham. Elite specialist of assassination and secondary in command of the organization under command of Bill Cipher.” Norman revealed in an almost casual tone.

Feeling a sense of instinct you quickly halt your steps and forcibly pin Norman against the solid golden brick walls before anyone could blink.

The darkened room dimmed, lit by the gold patterns of your scarf.

No one knows that except those in the organization.

Feeling a sense of unforeseen wrath the two ends of the scarf shifted up to form a sharp almost blade like appearance pointed directly at Norman’s face.

“You’ve got to the count of three to explain yourself right now.”

Norman actually showed some sign of alarm but quickly subdued a bored expression.


He shot a snicker at you

Oh this kid is really starting to tick you off.


You actually don’t mind ending him right now despite knowing each other for half an hour and he wouldn’t be the first to.




Why does that bastard always ruin the fun.

Still in place you turn your head to the left to see Bill hovering in the dead center of the hall. He continues clapping, more than deemed necessary.

“I see you’ve managed to bring Norman here. Although that’s a fascinating way of introducing yourself.”

“You mean how I was just about to slice him up since he knows too much apparently.”

Spencer coughs“I believe,” He slowly paced closer to you. When did he even get here.

“he intended you should consider your posture right about now .”

Posture? Well you are pining Norman against the wall with your ha-

Oh that.

Well this is awkward.

Backing off of Norman you can already hear Spencer starting to form a laugh.


That should shut him up for awhile. Having a scarf that can wrap itself around people was always a nice bonus. Especially on people like him.

You tried that once on Bill, never again.

While Spencer tried to yell who knows what but it all just sounded like muffled words currently. Bill moves closer to you and Norman.


“ Hopefully you guys got to know each other since he’ll be with us too.”

Bill seemed to notice your expression of confusion. No one told you THAT.

“Ahem. Norman Babcock will be one of the newest members of the organization.”

“And you DIDN’T tell me. I thought we had something Bill. Why didn’t you tell me anything??”


Now he won’t answer that.


“What’s even his ability Bill. You chose him for a reason right?

“Why don’t you ask him?” Bill suggested and pointed to Norman.


You face away from Bill and ask Norman.


He just stares at you without making any signs of movement.

Yep, definitely creepy.

“What are you staring at?”

Norman smirks before his hoodie starts to do some kind of strange movement. What the juice is even going on he-

Is that an eye.

Yeah that’s an eye.

Creepiness level is way long past the meter now.

“What are you staring at?” he repeats after you

“WHAT IS THAT” you don’t know if to silently mentally scream. Sure you’ve seen some weird things before in the past but this is at a whole other level.

“Oh you mean this?” Norman points to the center of his hoodie revealing a large eye that resembles Bill’s.

“It’s called a Third Eye.”

Taking a deep breath you try to calm yourself before accidentally jabbing the eye or something right now.

“You mean as in the locus of occult power and wisdom.”

“Exactly, but in a different form and usage.”

“Still not as weird as the messed up stuff Bill tends to materialize I guess.”

Bill perches himself on your shoulder.

“Admit it you loved the screaming head too.”

With a single movement you casually slap Bill off our shoulder.


“I guess right now I should introduce myself. I’m Norman Babcock, Elite Medium. My abilities are mainly being able to communicate with the supernatural, ghosts in specific. Although in here I can’t really work that, confidential information. With my Third Eye on the other hand I can see short glimpses of past, present or future events. Although not always on demand or if I can, not at the exact time frame you requested commonly.” 

Norman ain’t that bad, it’s pretty cool having a paranormal member in here that won’t give you nightmares.

Looking back to Bill who seems to be floating away to the control room most likely.

Or at least you hope.

Getting along with him may take some time but you know what it’s gonna be perfect. You can ruin Spencer so badly with him.

“So hey, wanna help me with something?” giving a smile Norman gives an expression as if he just read your mind knowing your intents and accepts.

The two of you dash off together.

Spencer has no idea what’s about to-

A heavy force suddenly pulls you down slightly.

Oh right Spencer’s wrapped in the scarf.


Oh well.


The Cipher Organization was at pure happiness until someone announced. 

"Who is the best Mastermind?"

Do I dare continue of the aftermath.





♡ cartoon rompus challenge, day twenty-five: |somehow this turned into corey and mabel mastermind au| ♡


"I don’t know. We’ve never done something this big."

Mabel twirled a strand of her hair in her finger absently, waving a foot at Dipper in greeting as he passed. She loved him, but she kind of hoped he wouldn’t stick around right now.

"I think we can do it. It would be, like, super easy. My sister knows a guy who’s amazing at security measures."

Mabel laughed, waving goodbye to Dipper as he said something about Wendy and hustled out the door. “She has to, with you around.”

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whew :’D
gijinkas belong to lina!!
bigger-er version


whew :’D

gijinkas belong to lina!!

bigger-er version







Listen here you little shit—-






nah. you seem to be doing just fine without clothes

let me tell you how tours work around here….
Gemini for 24 hours


B: Wow Anon!! Thank you so much! Gosh it’s so wonderful to be alive, dont you think??
R: …Was this even worth the magic..?


Dash and I believe Cartoon Rompus could only be made cooler with the existence of GANGS

I present to you the first gang of three, also known as the Glitter Zombie Cupcake Turtles~

Bonus: (after they took the picture)

(i’m not mean enough to draw the part where dipper kicked out his leg and accidentally nutted shezow, rendering him incapable of saving maz or poor norman)


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